INFJ Kenzo’s debut studio album is a compelling, ambitious, and transcendental project for the newly signed artist. Through an inimitable introspective psychological analysis of himself. This conceptual album investigates and throughly interrogates, consequential nature through the lense of Adlerian Psychology. Individual Psychology transformed INFJ Kenzo, and he takes us along that Journey. The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatsie To The Truth combines diverse & west coast production elements from Ex-Death Row E.P. Darren Vegas, along with heavy guitar-based melodies.

INFJ Kenzo’s hyperfast lyrical flow, diction, tone and vast vocabulary complement beautiful riddled storytelling of some of his greatest struggles and triumphs. This album is a somber truthful experience that will blow you away as you discover how intricate this album was crafted. Each listen will leave you in amazement, and wonder.

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